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Item: Fat Burning Drug Synephrine Leptin for Abdomen Obe

Price: $12

By: cocopowder

Added: 11/30/2017

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=7943

Location: China

Delivery: Must Pick Up

Description: coco@pharmade.com Skype: sjgbolic Wickr:steroidpharma CAS:1994-7-5 Product Name: Synephrine Latin Name: Citrus aurantium.L Synephrine Uses 1.To be used for weight loss; 2.To be used to dispel bloating and a lump in the abdomen and phlegm; 3.to be anti- tumour, prevent osteoporosis, reduce cholesterin and protect heart; 4.Nerve protection and prevent diseases of degeneration of nerve; 5.Relieve menopausal symptoms of women, improve bone metabolism and protect cardiovascular system

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