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Item: Healthy Parrots and Fresh Eggs for sale

Price: Free

By: Peter76

Added: 08/09/2017

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=7731

Location: South Africa

Delivery: Must Pick Up

Description: We have some weaned, hand fed , tamed and well trained baby and adult parrots and their fertilized eggs for sale. whats up. 00237655575624 Inbox : peterpoultryfarm75@gmail.com Scarlet Macaws Blue and Gold Macaws Hyacinth Macaws Green Wind Macaws Umbrella cockatoose Mullocan Cockatoose Black Palm Cockatoose Major Mitchell Cockatoose African Congo Grays Red Tail Tinnel Grays Yellow Nape Amazon Double Yellow Headed Amazon Contact us directly Via Email for details and price list. Inbox Email :peterpoultryfarm75@gmail.com

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