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Item: A4 Copy Paper

Price: $1

By: pisamaimill

Added: 02/05/2016

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=5741

Location: Thailand

Delivery: Mail

Description: Cha Cheang Sao is one of the earliest cities to advocate office automation in Thailand. Office stationeries as modern office consumables, together with Pisamai Jirasombat Paper Mill, has also improved and upgraded by the world ongoing modernization process. 15 years ago, a group of young people who are full of youthful, tireless spirit and in pursuit of innovation, looking for business opportunity on the origin of Thailands reform and opening up city Cha Cheang Sao. They are targeting the broad market prospects of office automation will bring infinite development space for this emerging industry, and founded Pisamai Jirasombat Paper Mill Office . We are a factory focused on high-grade office papers, printing machines and other modern stationeries. From the beginning of foundation, we make every effort to strive for quality perfection. All of our production equipment are introduced from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. With the development of computerized progress, our main production facilities have been updated. Including the machines imported from Japans Mitsubishi brand, Japanese sun brand TOP type, the first seven layer continuous computer paper production line in south Cha Cheang Sao from Thailand and so on. The modern production and processing equipment ensure the products of each process can be accurate and correct. And the standard of our products indicators have reached or surpassed the national standard. By the regional advantage of adjacent to Cha Cheang Sao and close to the big road, our company was established in 1982. We aimed to develop overseas markets and committed to developing a wider customer base and bigger products variety. Our slogan is first, to be a good people, later business. Only faith, quality and service can perform the importance of management. Pisamai Jirasombat paper mill led by Chief Executive Pisamai Jirasombat. Operates packaging, corrugated boxes. And A4 copy papers in the year 1982 starting from a small factory making corrugated boxes under Pisamai paper mill. info@pisamairecycle.com sale@pisamairecycle.com Website :www.pisamairecycle.com Skype :pisamai.paper

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