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Item: Stories For Kids - Volume 3

Price: $15

By: cafbastore

Added: 10/01/2015

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Location: Canada

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Description: Stories For Kids Volume Three has three stories contained within the 28 pages of this coil bound book that is suitable for ages 2 - 6. Charlie and Mr Who In this volume we start with a little boy who liked to sit on the steps of his house and feed the squrirrels. Charlie had lots of other pets but he liked the squirrels the best. Find out how one day he got lost and afraid in the dark and who talked to him until his Father came to his rescue. Jake The story of Jake starts out with Jake being a small puppy and being taken away from his family. Jake cried when they put him in the car but found out later that his new life was not so bad after all. He had lots of food, lots of good friends and a warm fireplace to curl up and sleep. But was Jake safe? Sam, The Elephant Sam was a Baby Elephant. He never grew very big like the other Elephants so he did not even try to keep up with them. Sam would find a water hole and splash around in it. He made many friends this way. They would come to watch him play and he would splash them with water The others thought it was just great. One day they all decided to go for a walk. Find out what happened on the way and how they managed to all stay together. These stories are meant for 2 to 6 year old kids and are available at $14.95 each or you can buy three books for $40.00 which is a savings of $4.85. Check out our web site at www.storiesforkids.ca

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