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Item: Stories For Kids - Volume 2

Price: $15

By: cafbastore

Added: 10/01/2015

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=5474

Location: Canada

Delivery: Mail

Description: This is the second volume of Stories For Kids and is 44 pages long and makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. With laminated covers and large, easy to read, print and with lots of pictures throughout the book, this is an easy bedtime reading book. Mugs and Friends’ is the first story and is about some cats and their search for a new home before winter arrives. Their struggles for survival during the bitterly cold winter captures the readers sympathy for the cats. Scooter is the second story in this volume and is about a small kitten from the day he is born to when he grows up. The story includes his different adventures as he explores his surroundings and experiences many different interactions with others. Tom Turkey is the hero in the third story when he devises a plan to save all his friends from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Find out how he manages this. These stories are meant for 2 to 6 year old kids and are available at $14.95 each or you can buy three books for $40.00 which is a savings of $4.85. Check out our web site at www.storiesforkids.ca

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