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Item: Used 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Base SUV 4x4

Price: $33,000

By: YousefBazaid

Added: 02/10/2015

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=4894

Location: Other

Delivery: All (Must Pick Up or Mail)

Description: MY NAME IS : Yousef Bazaid I Need to sell my Used 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Base SUV 4x4.I have been using the car for 8 months and it is still clean and neat with perfect interior and it is working fine. I am selling this car for $33,000 USD, the car is working fine, i am only selling it at such price because of personal reason, contact me and i will explain more. Photos only on request. Trim: Base Bodystyle: SUV Doors: 4 door Mileage: 11,760 miles PRICE: $33,000 This car is very much available for sale and it is ready to be sold to who ever is ready to buy it. Contact the owner: YousefBazaid@outlook.com

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Andykrenz18 (10/07/2015)
How many this is