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Item: Pro Advertising Packages Login Ads 30 Days

Price: $142

By: rj88

Added: 05/25/2014

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=3873

Location: Europe

Delivery: Mail

Description: Retail Price: $699.99 You Save: $557.50 (80%) Item No: 321356 Ships From: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Condition / Status: New / In Stock Only real human hits Special deal is that for a day any member who wants to login gets your link being displayed while accessing his account. This site is special because it is a great feature to promote offers and links. Use any tracking you want you will see that every visitor has unique hit. Your ad will be displayed for a 30 days days on high traffic site with human views. All members are in search for a way to make money online. For this package your exposure time will be a 30 days after providing us the link that you want to advertise. After placing and order check your email in 24 hours so we can arrange everything. Want it? Then go directly to this site - https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=321356/14249611/

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HEDO (12/31/2014)
did he?