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Item: suzuki

Price: Free

By: abinashaysu

Added: 01/06/2014

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=3413

Location: India

Delivery: Must Pick Up

Description: my bike

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anilchandra123456789 (11/13/2016)
anilchandra123456789 (11/13/2016)
i want this
celievaz16 (10/01/2016)
its realy free
shibbu (8/11/2016)
Are u really giving free? I would love to have
mazika (6/29/2016)
good nice
vraja2205 (2/20/2016)
how get this suzuki
shashijhamb (8/31/2015)
is it really giving free
sandeep2015 (8/09/2015)
miaz786 (4/19/2015)
really than i want it watcanido
vibinano (1/02/2015)
is it a joke.....
vibinano (1/02/2015)
hurry suzuki for free ?
vibinano (1/02/2015)
wt happened y r u giving it for free
vibinano (1/02/2015)
is this a toy or really a bike
shubhampudale (12/18/2014)
this is the free hayabusa
lenovoz50 (12/11/2014)
what hayabus prise on road pune
alpesh9301 (11/08/2014)
nice bike
aravapadmaja (11/05/2014)
Why do you want to give it free, have u got 2 and more ????
kaasivishwanath (10/10/2014)
what is the prize...
raja42 (8/30/2014)
Please send this bike to me, before that inform me the minimum expenses if any that I may have to bear
manikandansp (7/28/2014)
its really
sandhya (7/14/2014)
price free means ,how much it exactly
Ganesh21 (7/02/2014)
what it is exactly
prakhartripathi (6/30/2014)
i can tek the suzuki
kranthi (6/18/2014)
be specific
jyotiverma (5/24/2014)
be specific about price and mileage
BOGOUDAY (5/07/2014)
what do you mean by free? is there any hidden charges
Antonysam (5/07/2014)
It is a four stroke engine Bike?
manjudurgesh (5/07/2014)
whats the price of this bike?
vishektiwari27 (5/03/2014)
what is the highest speed of the bike?
raja42 (4/28/2014)
From where is the bike to be picked up? i am a handicapped patient can i havve it delivered in my city Siliguri pin734001 dt. Darjeelimg?
khaliqahamd (4/09/2014)
whats the features of the bike?
amarendra (4/21/2014)
it is sporty bike hence speedy
whiteC4D3E9E (4/02/2014)
what is the preformance of this bike?
THADIL (1/06/2014)
MANOJKUMAR (4/01/2014)
very nice bike
sanatkumarbanerjee (3/27/2014)
sanat(3/27/2014)Oo what a offer?????????
Srjking (3/20/2014)
What is meant by price free?????????
sunroop (3/05/2014)
something missing
Purnakumarjamatia (2/13/2014)
What is meant by price free, will we get free of cost
daengbro (1/15/2014)
how to get it
onlinemakemoney (1/11/2014)
how to get this bike?
Sudeepak (1/09/2014)
how to earn a bike like this one
sudhakrvk (1/08/2014)
how can I get this bike
hoda45633 (1/07/2014)
modyfrinds (1/07/2014)
Oo Good