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Item: Unique coin collection

Price: $2,500

By: guardian1214

Added: 08/21/2012

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=1674

Location: India | Delhi | Delhi

Delivery: Must Pick Up

Description: From 1835 [British East India Company], including coins from Indian Princely states before incorporation into Indian Union and many more ... there are 297 coins and some would even require reconstruction - they are so old.

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saumya07 (3/17/2015)
Antique piece of art, must have these in collection must suggest my friend to buy as always interested in antique items
guardian1214 (3/17/2015)
I wait for your feedback! Thak you
shubhampudale (12/18/2014)
how old this co
basra (1/10/2015)
how much the price
basra (1/10/2015)
work this jobs
mangesh111 (12/14/2014)
wht is the cost?
guardian1214 (12/14/2014)
the cost is given in the listing = USD 2500
guardian1214 (12/14/2014)
the cost is given in the listing = USD 2500
sandipkumar (12/13/2014)
how is looking the coins
guardian1214 (12/13/2014)
i will try to get pictures of some coins uploaded then tell you
anilkumarmp (12/13/2014)
where were these coins introduced
guardian1214 (12/13/2014)
they were not introduced like being unveiled. These are coins in circulation that were collected by my grandfather, my father and then by me
arnabsen20072007 (12/12/2014)
how much the price
guardian1214 (12/12/2014)
USD 2500
sajeevkumar (12/12/2014)
how old all the coins
guardian1214 (12/12/2014)
various ages (1835 is oldest and newest Indian is 1947). Other country coins are different years. a few are in the local calendar of the originating country
armands (12/12/2014)
lenovoz50 (12/11/2014)
o its s...
alpesh9301 (11/08/2014)