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Item: Handmade Paper products

Price: $8

By: np2012

Added: 05/16/2012

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=1077

Location: India

Delivery: Mail

Description: Quilled - Photo Frame

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lenovoz50 (12/11/2014)
alpesh9301 (11/08/2014)
very nice
aravapadmaja (11/05/2014)
Any reason behind to make this art ?
pavanisri (8/23/2014)
Any more models of this art ?
Sindhu.V (4/14/2013)
how long will it take to complete this ???
manish_galvis1 (8/26/2012)
what is this,mk
Sindhu.V (4/14/2013)
its a hand made flower using threads. if u really intererted kindly place an order thank you:)
np2012 (6/04/2012)
If anyone is interested kindly request an order
np2012 (4/11/2013)
Its a handmade, quilled to form flowers.
rashmi03 (3/26/2013)
i think hand work flower painting
harshadwaman.dhuru (3/23/2013)
what is this
manish_galvis1 (8/26/2012)
what is this,mk
aneesfatima13 (7/24/2012)
anyone wait just order now